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Meet Wesley

Honesty and Integrity

As a dedicated Conservative Republican guided by Christian values, my commitment is to preserve Wise County as a haven where families can confidently raise their children and forge bonds with neighbors. Drawing from the profound perspective of a father and grandfather, my vision for our county centers on safety, unity, and communal well-being.


With deep roots in Wise County and a lengthy tenure in its Law Enforcement, I bring a profound understanding of our community's needs. Our shared values form the bedrock of my promise. I pledge unwavering dedication to nurture an environment where everyone feels secure and valued. The future of our county relies on trust and collaboration among citizens, and I am steadfast in rebuilding that trust by championing open dialogue, cooperation, and effective community partnerships.


Together, we can rekindle the spirit of community, enhance safety measures, and ensure the legacy we pass down exudes pride, unity, and unyielding security


Thank you for joining the movement!

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